Truck Accident Cleanup Update

The following should help clarify what is happening in the borough in regards to the truck accident and subsequent cleanup. At the time of the accident, both fuel tanks ruptured resulting in the loss of up to 300 gallons of diesel fuel onto the ground. The initial response by the Citizen’s Fire Company helped to contain the spill to a very small area. Schuylkill County Emergency Management was notified at that time. On Monday morning after the accident, PA DEP was notified and cleanup crews were dispatched to start the cleanup. The spill is being cleaned up properly and only affects a very small area. There is no need for concern over groundwater contamination, airborne contamination, or evacuations. If anyone has questions about this incident of other questions about the borough please call the borough office. This will get you the best information possible. (Update provided by the Borough of Gordon Emergency Management Coordinator)

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