Floodplain Changes Are Coming!

This is a topic that no one wants to talk about but be aware, floodplain changes are coming next year. Over the past few months, we have attended many FEMA floodplain meetings. These meetings are designed to give some insight on new changes coming to the little borough of Gordon as well as the rest of the county. FEMA started the re-mapping process for Schuylkill County about 6 years ago using new technology. This new mapping technology is called LIDAR. It is designed to give a better detailed study of the topographic detail on the ground. Unfortunately, this new process has added many homes into the Special Flood Hazard Zone or Zone AE on our floodplain maps. It has also taken some homes out of the floodplain. What this means is this. If you have a federally backed mortgage, which most are, and you are in the flood hazard zone, your bank may require you to purchase flood insurance. If you purchase the insurance before the maps become effective, you will get a discounted rate for a period of time. There is a map associated with these changes as well. It can be found by following this link: Schuylkill County, Changes Since Last Firm . Please take the time to look over this map. Locate your home and see what the changes are. The borough will hold a town hall meeting in the upcoming weeks to help you better understand this and answer as many questions as we can. Remember, we are just the messenger.

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