Hobart Street Stop Signs

At the July 2019 meeting of the Borough Council, it was decided that the borough will move forward with the placement of stop signs on Hobart Street. This decision was based on an engineering study performed by PennDOT’s LTAP service as well as the borough’s engineering firm Entech Engineering. A sight distance study confirmed that a change was needed when using the intersections at Hobart Street & Royer Street and Hobart Street & Otto Street. Since Oak Street was made into a one way street, all traffic leaving the park, apartments, and other residences, need to use one of the 2 intersections. Over the next few weeks, the proper PennDOT paperwork will be filled out and an ordinance will be drawn up and advertised. Within about 2 months, signs should be placed as well as stop bars painted on the street. Please use caution once this happens until everyone knows the new signs are in place. As always, any questions can be addressed by calling the borough office at 570-875-4909.

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