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Gordon Mt. Road Update

The purpose of this message is to provide an update on the Borough of Gordon’s work and advanced notice of PennDOT’s pending implementation of an all-truck restriction for the descending direction of both Gordon Mountain Road (Butler Township, Borough of Gordon) and Highridge Park Road (Cass Township). The current 19 Ton weight limit will be changed to ‘No Trucks’. In addition to the posted truck restriction, significant pavement marking additions are proposed to remove the appearance, especially for unfamiliar drivers, that industrial destinations may be accessed beyond the Keystone Boulevard and Walmart driveway intersections. Additional directional signage will be included on I-81 northbound and southbound advising “Trucks to Gordon Borough Use Exit 116” (Route 901). Signage will be added on Route 901 northbound to prohibit trucks over 40 feet long from turning right onto Airport Road.

The implementation of the changes will be performed by contract during spring 2017. As always, we appreciate your patience as we work through this issue with our local and state partners. Please visit www.gordonborough.com for more information.

Gordon Mtn Butler
I-81 Advance Signing
Route 901 Advance Signing
Highridge Park Rd & Keystone Blvd


Borough Code

The Borough of Gordon has launched an email address for citizens and visitors to communicate borough code related questions, comments and complaints. The address is gordoncode17936@gmail.com. Council encourages everyone to utilize this email whenever questions or concerns arise and a response will be made as soon as possible.


Mayor – George Brocious
Council President – Todd Houser
Vice-President – Jeffrey Hoffman
Officiant Pro-Tem – Jason Quick
Member – Richard Babb
Member – Shannon Dumboski
Member – Richard Korn
Member – Tracy Hughes
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